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The most artistic food

Various colors and various tastes are studded on the rice, which is the blessing of the earth.

The colorful ingredients are delicious one by one, but when eaten together, they perform best.


It's like the earth itself.


We harmonize the taste of all ingredients and complete it as the best work.


Similar to the POKE bowl, but a completely different food.


Chirashi-sushi is the most artistic and expressive sushi in Japan.

This sushi expresses the peaceful world that we wish for.


May our chirashizushi help everyone's happiness.


This is the heartfelt wish of us.

The chef carefully cuts and arranges the ingredients one by one. Therefore, we offer 20 meals a day only.

Please make a reservation by 14:00 the day before the date to pick up. We look forward to seeing you at Amstelveen.

Rest assured.You don't have to go to japan

Do you want to go to Japan and eat real sushi?

Then rest assured.

You can eat real sushi while you are in the Netherlands.


Real sushi has very delicious rice.

Cooking in a pot instead of a rice cooker creates perfect softness and sweetness.

Not all Japanese can do this.

This is a special technique that only a skilled sushi chef can do.


The sushi rice is perfected by combining the perfectly finished sushi rice with the vinegar of a unique composition.


The same is true for fish.

Not all Japanese can cut it well.

The fish is delicious because it is cut with a sashimi knife that cuts well.

This also requires skill.

The angle and size are calculated properly and cut.


Making real Japanese sushi requires a lot of special skills.


Even if you have never been to Japan.

For those of you who have eaten sushi in Japan.


Try Tsuzumi's sushi once.


Surely the best sushi experience is waiting for you.

Business date and time


Tuesday-Saturday 11: 00-18: 00


There are holidays such as summer and year-end and New Year holidays

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